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The White Tailed deer are brown all over. They can get up to 150kg. They can be 1m tall and 2m long. My dad shot a deer about this size near Hyde Creek.
Deer have 2 toes at the bottom that are split and then they have two little upper toes. The feet are about the size of a baby cow.
The deer puff up their tails when they smell or see danger. Then they stamp their hooves Their tails are medium size and white. That is why they are called white tailed deer.
The boy deer have horns. They are solid like bones. They are on the sides of their heads. Usually they have 2 antlers on one side and 3 on the other. The deer my dad shot had 5 antlers in total.
Fawns are baby deer. They have spots on them. They have spots because it makes them camouflage. When we see them in the bushes they are with their mom.
Deer can let off smell to warn other deer of danger. I think this is most interesting.


Deer live in Canada, Central America, Unites States, and Mexico.
Deer live in clear areas with lots of branches. They live near streams because they could drink out of it. They also live in the forest. They can get lots of plants in the forest. They live by farmland so they can eat stuff. Deer live basically everywhere!


Deer can eat lots of stuff. They eat moss, little trees, leaves, grass, apples, acorns, and mushrooms. In winter, they eat twigs and bark. A deer eats food two times. He barfs it up and chews it twice. Cows do that too. Two types of animals do are deer and cows. Deer can eat lots at night and early in the morning. Deer eat more before storms. Deer eat plants people grow in the garden. They eat strawberries and apples. You have to put a fence up so they don't eat your stuff.


Deer have lots of predators. Cougars can scratch because they have sharp claws and they can hurt deer and make them die.Lynx are the same because they are a type of cat. Coyotes are small. They make a circle around deer and kill them. wolves have sharp teeth to bite the deer. They sometimes come and injure them and go back and catch them. People can shoot deer with a bow and arrow or a gun. People can dig up their land and take away their food.


Baby deer are called fawns. They are 5 to 10 pounds when they are born. They can stand up and walk when they are first born. Fawns have white spots that make them camouflaged. Fawns first drink milk from their moms. They drink milk from their moms. They drink until they are three months old. When they are about three days old they can start to nibble grass. After a few weeks fawns can walk around with their mom eating grass and plants from Sointula's gardens!


Deer have many interesting adaptations.They can run faster than 60 miles an hour so they can escape danger. When deer run away their hooves spray bad smells to warn other deer. Deer run when they smell that smell. Their tails go up and they wag it to warn other deer. Then they snort and thump their hooves. Deer can use antlers to fight with. Antlers fall off in the winter and they grow new ones. Male deer have antlers not females. Deer can swim away from danger.

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