I saw an octopus on the beach in the water. He was laying there sleeping. The octopus' body is shaped like a bag. They have no bones at all. They have soft bodies. An octopus can change colours. They can have coloured spots or stripes. They have large eyes. They have eight arms called tentacles with two rows of suckers on each arm. The mouth is underside, and it has a hard curved
beak. I liked how the octopus looked.


Octopus live in the sea. There are octopus all over the world. They live alone. They find a small den. The octopus lives in a cave or in
a den. It can make its den in a wrecked ship or a cave, a shell, a tin can, under a rock, or in a crack.


The crabs are octopus' favorite food.They also eat lobsters, clams, and other shell fish. The suckers hold their food. Octopus eat a lot of food. They reach out with their arms to grab their food. Octopus have many arms. They use their suckers on their arms to hold their food.


Octopus have many predators. People eat octopus and use them as bait for fishing. When big fish try to eat octopus they squirt
out black ink from their siphon. They hide from predators and change colour to look like a different rock. Moray eels eat a whole octopus. They have sharp teeth and can smell its prey. An octopus can grow its arm back when it gets ripped off.


The octopus has a soft bod. It has no bones at all. They can squish into small places. Octopus have good eyes to look for food. Octopus have suckers to hold their food. They use them to move around. The octopus can change color to look like where ever they are and escape. Octopus can squirt poison.



The octopus hatch from eggs. Mom has guarded them for 2 months. Eggs takes four to six weeks or more to hatch. When the eggs hatch and the females job is done, she dies. Only a few babies live. The new borns are no bigger than fleas. They can change color or give off ink. They cannot hide or jet.

Cool Facts

There are more than 150 kinds of octopus. If an octopus is angry it turns dark red. The octopus can jet away because they have a siphon. They clean up after themselves when they're done their food.The octopus can solve problems to escape. Octopus have good arms.


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